emo days... again...

this awesomeness is by [rin] , Friday, September 11, 2009 3:13 PM

Either I'm not getting anymore visitors to my blog, or nobody bothers to comment on my non-political posts.
Oh well.
Maybe I should use nuffnang, like Shuu says.

Anyways, I'm not really in the mood to blog 'bout much.
These few days have been hell for me.
090909 is supposed to be a good day, but for me it was a day for quite a bad case of the "emo"s.
Stuff happens.
You take it in stride.
Wish I've someone's shoulder to cry on, though.

Oh, yes.
I've just got a crazy idea that, when I think deeply about, doesn't seem really that crazy after all.
I was thinking of setting up a blog where I would post up the beginning of a (Fictional) story, and anyone can just add on to it.
Readers will be asked to send their story-continuations to me via e-mail, and I'd sift through to find the best chapter to fit in.
The rules will be simple: make it English, make it good and of a reasonable length, and make sure the story doesn't end.

Well, I thought it was a pretty cool idea, anyway.
Got comments/suggestions/wanna-throw-a-rotten-tomato-at-my-sh*tty-idea?

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Ian Says:

I WHOLE HEARTEDLY AGREE WITH YOUR IDEA!!!!...but you need more specifics...xD

[rin] Says:

like i said, it's just a thought...
i wanna see who will be willing to support me before i start...

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