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I sometimes wonder how would it be like to come from a well-off family.
Live in a big house, have the latest stuff and can even afford the occasional Nike shoes or Body Glove shirts.
Own a PS and be able to play DDR everyday to work out.
Don't need to wonder about where I'm gonna go and what I'm gonna do after Form 5, 'coz it'll all be planned out already...

Don't get me wrong, I'm not poor and my family's quite okay, but this is just something I think about once in a while...

I know what I wanna be in the future.
I have dreams and an ambition.
I just dunno which path I'll be taking to get to it, after Form 5.
Will I be taking Form 6?
Or can my parents afford to send me to college?
I don't like the prospect of going for Form 6.
It's real hard work and after that, it might be a bit more difficult to enter university.
As I'm not the type who enjoys studying or mugging hard, I'm afraid it'll be very tough for me to focus if I go for Form 6.
Even my teacher (Who, by the way, knows me surprisingly well) isn't keen on the idea of my taking Form 6.
She's discouraging me to go and suggests that I take college instead.

But the question is, will my family be able to afford it?
If I go for college and take up a graphics course, will my parents be able to support me while I study full-time?
I certainly favour this option more than taking up Form 6; I'm rather bored of studying everything in general.
The sooner I can focus on the subject and area of my preference, the sooner I can come out and earn my living.
The sooner I finish my studies, the sooner I'll be working to achieve my dreams.
Form 6 will put in some extra years into my higher education - something I want to avoid.

College will definitely be quite a strain on my family's pockets, but I suppose if I really wanted it, my parents would be able to find a way to support me until I complete everything.
However, nothing's really decided yet so far.

Oh well, I've got a year to go before leaving school.
That's a year to collect information, tabulate budgets and finalise a decision.
A year to go around and ask for opinions and stuff.

Well, if my family were rich, I wouldn't even have to consider Form 6, now would I?

But my conditions now are quite okay, so there's not much to worry about until next year...

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